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Full detail about Eastbourne Folk Dance Club

Welcome to Sussex Folk Dancer on website:-

I have entered on this site details about Eastbourne Folk Dance Club, folk dance classes in Sussex, folk dance club websites, and other useful dance websites.


Moira Underwood (our Chairperson) at Eastbourne Folk Dance Club New Years Social 31st December 2006

The weekly meeting of the Club is held on Thursdays from 7.45 p.m. to 9.45 p.m. at the Upperton United Reformed Church Hall, Watts Lane, Eastbourne, Sussex.
The location of the club in Eastbourne is shown on website

You can also see the location of other clubs in the South East and the rest of the United Kingdom on this site.

A more detailed map of the surrounding areaq can be found on link:-

We also hold two or three Saturday Socials and a New Years Social during the year in addition to the regular Thursday sessions.

We have approximately a dozen different callers who take it in turn to run an evening and instruct us in the various dances. We hold occasional callers night where members of the club have a go at teaching dances.

Our membership is very steady with around 30 to 40 people on the books, some 20 or so attending on most weeks.

Membership is 2.00 per annum, and the entrance fee on club nights is 2.00 for members, and 2.50 for non-members. 

New members are welcome and further details can be obtained from:-

Chairman: Mrs Moira Underwood 01323 720793

Treasurer: Brian Carter 01323 732948.


The callers who will be instructing our folk dances in the period from January to August 2009 are shown below:-

1st No meeting
8th Pam Kallender
15th Walter White
22nd Sean Goddard
29th Jack Carter

5th Moira Underwood
12th Elizabeth Munday
19th John Heslop
21st Beryl Hartley and Martyn Bidgood (Spring Dance)
26th Janet Dingley

MARCH 2009
5th Walter White
12th Beryl Hartley
19th Kate and Doug Eaton
26th Jack Carter

APRIL 2009
2nd Sean Goddard
9th No meeting (Maunday Thursday)
16th Pam Kallender
23rd Janet Dingley
30th Jack Carter

MAY 2009
7th Walter White
14th Beryl Hartley
21st Kate and Doug Eaton

JUNE 2009
4th John Heslop
11th Jack Carter
18th Elizabeth Munday
25th Martyn Bidgood

JULY 2009
2nd Sean Goddard
9th Pam Kallender
16th Walter White

No meetings in August

We have opened a Myspace Account on link:-
which gives information and also access to audio folk music via friends accounts and some videos.

We have also advertised the club on websites Dance Web, EFDSS, ESCC, Set and turn single, Webfleet Index, and Folk and Roots

We have opened a Eastbourne Folk Dance Club Yahoo Group on

which gives interactive information, a message boards, files, photographs, links to other folk dance websites, and a data basis.

Anyone is welcome to join the Yahoo Group and then visit this group site for group exchange of information.

To do this all you need to do is click on the Group reference, set yourself up under Yahoo Groups with an Yahoo! ID and password, press join the group and register your name and as much or as little details of yourself as you wish.

Once approved you may use the message file to post messages which must be folk dance orientated, look at and upload any files and photos, check out and add to the links, examine and update calender entries. You can choose to receive individual emails or view postings on this web site.

I have opened a social network site for Eastbourne Folk Dance Club as a place for folk dancers to meet , discuss and share everything to do with folk dance. This can be found on weblink:-

On My Page (i.e. Brian Carter), I have input on my Youtube Sidebar Widget Application some folk dance step videos which I have linked from my folkdancevideos youtube account. 

I have just started a new website on which to add folk dance music found on the web, the folk dance scripts for these, and the original music source.

I only started this website in April 2007 and will add more numbers and dances as I find them.

The website can be found on link:-

Brian Carter (Treasurer)