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Eastbourne Folk Dance Club
English Folk Dance Steps
Folk Dance Classes in Sussex
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Welcome to the Eastbourne Folk Dance Club (and Sussex Folk Dancer) website

I have entered on this site details about Eastbourne Folk Dance Club, folk dance classes in Sussex, folk dance club websites, and other useful dance websites.


Eastbourne Folk Dance Club New Years Social 31st December 2006

I list below an index of the various pages on this website which can be reached by clicking on navigation boxes on the left to reach these pages.

About Me  -  My detail 
Contact Me  -  How to contact me 
Eastbourne Folk Dance Club  -  Full details about Eastbourne Folk Dance Club
English Folk Dance steps - List and description of the different types of folk dance stepss
Folk Dance Classes in Sussex  -  List of the folk dance classes throughout Sussex
Folk Dance Club Websites  -  List of Folk Dance Clubs throughout Sussex
Forthcoming Events  -  List of forthcoming events in Sussex
Other Dance or Music Websites

The music playing on opening this site is Devils Dream by Take Two for the dance Devils Dream