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Other dance or music websites

Other folk dance and music related websites

I give below links to other folk dancing related websites:-


Seaford Tea Dance 27th January 2008 at Alfriston Village Hall

I do not have any editorial control of the contents found on these websites.  They are provided by their respective owners and any issues with the sites should be taken up with them.


Cambridge Folk - Dance Steps index

Colin Hume's website - Folk dance caller and composer

DanceWeb - Dance classes of all types in England

Dancilla - A free online-resource for folk-dance, historic dance, all other dance-forms and dance related materials.

English Folk Dance and song Society - Folk Dance promotion site

Folk and Roots - United Kingdom folk information including news. artists, events, revies, americana, venues, journals, links, forum and guestbook

Folk Dance Videos - My youtube account on which I have saved as favourites some folk dance step videos

John Brown - Ceilidh Caller and Folk Dances

PPL - Licence authority

Set and Turn Single - The listing magazine for folk dancers

The Amazing Catsfield Steamers - Dance Band from Hastings

The camping and Caravan Club Folk Dance and Song Group

The Folk Map -This is a new application which shows folk music club, sessions, festivals etc. on the map of the UK and Eire.

The Redwing Barndance Band - Surrey's premier Barn Dance band

The Round (Dance Index) - Dances available on this site

The Sussex Pistols Band - Folk Dance Band

Thomas Green Barn Dances - index by formation

Webfleet English Folk dance Collection - Folk Dance information (including scripts for dances)